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Bears are in trouble and need our help.

Bear Conservation is a non-profit organisation advocating and campaigning for the welfare, conservation and protection of bears and the environments in which they live.

Our vision is of a world where all bears are given the necessary protection and space to live out their natural lives in the wild. 

By providing accessible, accurate and comprehensive sources of information on all things "bear" we work to help those who want to learn more about bears and to use their knowledge to speak out for bears and to help achieve our vision.

We're working for an end to bear farming and the illegal trade in bear-parts and live bears, for an end to the keeping of bears in circuses and unsuitable zoos and collections, for international laws and enforcement to protect bears from poaching, and for an end to spring bear hunts, hunting bears with snares and traps, baited bear hunting and bear hunting with dogs.

Click here to see a short film about why bears matter

Brown bear, Alaska, USA by Carl Chapman

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Why bears matter

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